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Smart solutions for
IT Security,
IT Service Management,
IT Asset Management,
Unified Endpoint Management,
Identity Management and
Supply Chain Management.

Deployment and implementation, specialist training, highly customized solutions based on client’s requirements and continuous support befitting customer’s schedule

ALLOY SOFTWARE low-code platform for managing IT services, IT assets and IT-discovering

Tronic Asia Group is a certified partner of ALLOY SOFTWARE in Malaysia and SEA-countries

For ITSM-customers in Malaysia and SEA we offer full range solutions for ITAM, ITSM and IT-discovery from of ALLOY Software, USA.

Ivanti, ex.LANDESK, software solutions

For Ivanti partners in Malaysia and CEA we offer our technical expertize and services from the International English speaking Team with the more 10 Years experience of ITSM and ITAM-projects based on Ivanti, ex.LANDESK, software solutions for International Companies such as Japan Tobacco International (JTI), Burger King, KaspiBank and many other customers as subcontractor

Our projects short description:


Expanding the functionality of the IT asset management system of Japan Tobacco Inc., Russia in terms of managing and accounting for telephone numbers

Project scale: 5000 workstations

The expansion of the functionality of the previously implemented by us asset management system in terms of managing the life cycle of telephone numbers and devices is implemented on the basis of the Service Desk platform with the built-in system tools without purchasing additional functional modules in a short time and completely remotely.

Burger King

Design of a digital platform for support services and IT infrastructure for Burger King restaurants

Project scale: 2679 man-hours

Main goal: Creation of an efficient and user-friendly digital platform to support Burger King restaurants and IT infrastructure.

The unique results of the project include the following:

  • Created a unique catalog of services that is easy to understand for users of the system, including a wide range of services for restaurants, from coffee machine repair services, furniture repair, kiosk relocation and maintenance, interaction with courier services to personnel services, coordination of marketing campaigns, as well as traditional IT services;
  • In total, more than 200 service offerings in the Service Catalog were formalized and automated;
  • Automated routing of requests depending on the location of restaurants and the selected service, both at the stage of approval and execution of requests. At the same time, the number of request routing errors is less than 5% with a total number of requests per month from 20 to 30 thousand;
  • The company was able to completely abandon the first line of technical support;
  • Created a digital platform for the further development of services and improve their quality, which meets modern requirements.

Kaspi Bank

Creation of an ITSM process automation system based on the LANDESK Service Desk of Kaspi Bank JSC

Project scale: 752 man-hours and 7900 workstations

Key indicators achieved 3 months after the completion of the project:

  • Service Desk availability increased from 60% to 90% with the same number of service staff;
  • 40% of all requests processed by the system are related to “business support”, that is, to support services that directly affect the provision of business services of the bank to its customers. Of these, up to 50% of incidents are resolved on the 1st line of support, through the use of a knowledge base;
  • time to resolve business-critical incidents reduced by 60%;
  • the number of registrations of requests by phone was reduced from 100% (before the system was implemented) to 45%. After the introduction of the system, 52% of requests began to be registered by e-mail and 3% through the self-service portal. The popularity of the latter is growing monthly;
  • about 1000 requests are registered in the system daily;
  • processes have become measurable.

Main directions of our solutions:

IT-process and IT-services control automatization provides total transparency for the work of the support team. Implementation of service resources model and service pricing

Centralized inventory and management of computer pools ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of machines, including personal computers and mobile devices outside the corporate network

Digital infrastructure monitoring

Merging and consolidation of digital infrastructure

Vulnerabilities detection for personal computers and servers

Software inventory and centralized management

Package preparation for additional software and centralized distribution (repackaging)

Centralized operating system updates and user profile migration

Centralized update management for firmware and software

Our Ivanti /LANDESK solutions stand out in their ease of use and allow for further customization and modification based on the constantly evolving business requirements of our customers

We provides extensive technical support for completed projects and solutions , including specialist training . Customers have access to an Ivanti/LANDESK Service Desk -based portal . All support activity is completely transparent for customers and their IT managers

We offers our customers solutions based on a service contract, according to which , only completed and accepted tasks will be paid for. Additionally, this contract includes functionality extensions and other additional works without having to sign additional contracts , which in turn furthermore reduces the time taken for clients to receive desired results

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