Software Development

Scalability is an essential component in business-critical applications. Prioritizing it from the beginning offers a myriad of benefits including better business agility, reduced maintenance costs and better user experience.
With rapidly changing business requirements and market conditions, long-term planning is not a viable option. Scaling web applications is the way forward in the fast-changing business ecosystems.

3D Software Development and Modeling

Creation of the metaverses, Development of 3D services for WEB and VR/AR applications, 3D scanning, Creation of digital copies of real objects, Solving complex and science-intensive tasks in the field of three-dimensional modeling.

Building blockchain platforms

Centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchange, Development of a token with a personal OTC account and NFT marketplace, Fork of the blockchain, Smart contracts audit.

Software development

Architecture design, Development, implementation and maintenance of information and analytical automated management systems for enterprises and government organizations, Development of high-load web services, corporate websites, intranet portals, mobile applications (iOS, Android).

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